About General Patent Corporation (GPC)

General Patent Corporation represents businesses, universities, inventors and other patent owners in the licensing and enforcement of their patents and other intellectual property on a 100% contingency basis. Our objective is to secure compensation for institutions that have patents that have been infringed. In our news releases section, we detail the settlements we’ve secured for patent owners over the last three decades.

As specialists in patent enforcement, our team of dedicated professionals includes experts in intellectual property law, patent licensing, business practices, finance and technology transfer. We’ve successfully enforced patents against major corporations such as Microsoft, AT&T, Motorola, Ford, Sony, LG and many others, achieving multi-million dollar settlements and licensing agreements for the patent owners we represented. We offer our patent enforcement services on a 100% contingency basis. That means that there is no cost to the university or its partners or affiliates. General Patent is paid what is essentially a “success fee” from the settlement(s) and/or licensing fees we secure for the university per an agreed-to formula. As a result, the university’s success is also our success!

If your university owns a patent that you believe has been infringed, it costs nothing to have General Patent evaluate your claim of patent infringement. If we determine that you have a viable patent infringement claim, we will provide a proposal detailing how we can assist in the enforcement of your patent. To get started, complete and submit a Patent Infringement Inquiry or call us at 888-488-8178.