Patent, IP and Business Articles

"Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Patents" by Alexander Poltorak, addresses the challenges facing universities that want to enforce their patents. University Business October 2009

"Royalty Treatment - The Patent Circuit: From Application to Enforcement" (Circuits Assembly, June 30, 2011) – Kathlene Ingham, GPC’s Director of Licensing, offers practical advice on patent filing, patent enforcement and how patents give an organization a competitive edge.

"Patent Enforcement: What to do and what not to do" by Alexander Poltorak, helps patent owners avoid some of the mistakes they make when trying to enforce a patent. Industry Week April 14, 2010

"Patents, Patent Rights and Patent Ownership" (Power Engineering Technology, May 2011) – GPC staff attorney David Gulko addresses the issue of patent ownership for organizations that are patenting the inventions of their employees.

"Patent Basics for Design Engineers" by Kathlene Ingham, Director of Licensing at General Patent, explains the difference between design patents and utility patents, and whether to apply for a patent for a design or for an invention. Design News September 29, 2010

"Assertive Licensing Boosts the Value of Dormant Patents" by Alexander Poltorak helps owners of patent portfolio determine the value of what might be under-utilized assets. The Licensing Journal May 2010

"US Can't Afford to Mar Innovation" by Alexander Poltorak addresses what the US needs to do to remain the global leader in innovation. Christian Science Monitor January 28, 2008

"Patent reform misses the mark" by Alexander Poltorak addresses why the patent reform legislation before the 2009-2010 Congress was not really reform. Washington Times May 25, 2010

"First-to-File vs. First-to-Invent" by Alexander Poltorak argues why it is important to keep the current US system of  awarding patents to the actual inventors! IP Today April 2008

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