"Patents play an important role in this war of ecosystems," said Alexander I. Poltorak, chairman and chief executive of U.S.-based General Patent Corp., which represents clients on intellectual-property enforcement matters and licensing. "Therefore, the courtrooms became part of the playground, not just the marketplace. It's a new reality."   -  Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2011

General Patent Corporation (GPC) is the leading patent licensing and patent enforcement firm in the U.S. An intellectual property (IP) services boutique, General Patent assists universities that face patent infringement on a 100% contingency basis. The university pays nothing. We cover all expenses, we manage the entire process, and we are only paid once we have been successful on the university’s behalf. GPC is the oldest patent enforcement firm in the country, and the company is a full-service intellectual property firm offering patent brokerage and IP consulting services.

We champion the cause of universities and other not-for-profit institutions that own patents and are victims of patent infringement. Since 1987, GPC has helped universities, inventors, businesses and other patent owners enforce their patents by managing and financing a comprehensive patent enforcement campaign on their behalf. Not surprisingly, General Patent has a reputation for securing settlements and producing results for our clients!

Our mission is to help institutions that have invested in the next generation of technology realize the fruits of the organization’s investment and resources by ensuring that the inventors of the technology are compensated for the infringement of their intellectual property. If we agree to assist you in the enforcement of your patent or patent portfolio, we will do so with the goal of monetizing your intellectual property. By pursuing the infringers of intellectual property, we help make the American patent system work as it was first envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

That is why we proudly state that “We create wealth from your wealth of ideas.”

General Patent realizes that some universities are hesitant to enforce their intellectual property. Does the university want to become the plaintiff in a lawsuit? What effect might filing a lawsuit have on the school’s image? Aware of this issue, General Patent offers as part of our unique business model an alternative that permits the university to assert its intellectual property rights, but do so discreetly. When you contact us, we will provide the details of our methodology.

If you believe your university’s patent has been infringed, call us at 888-927-9273 to talk to a patent enforcement professional at no cost or obligation.