Patent Infringement Issues Facing Universities

Patent infringement is an everyday occurrence!
A patent gives its owner the right to “exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling” a product that includes the patented invention. There are no Patent Police, so fighting patent infringement is the job of the owner of patent. While the Patent Office issues patents, it does not pursue infringers and it does not investigate patent infringement claims.

Patent infringement is the unauthorized use of the university’s property!
When a business infringes your university’s patent, it is trespassing on the school’s intellectual property. An infringer takes from the university the revenue the patented invention would have generated had it been properly licensed to the infringer. The university has the right – in fact, the obligation – to pursue patent infringers, but filing a patent infringement lawsuit is complex and expensive. When the patent owner is a not-for-profit organization and the infringer is a large corporation, it’s not a fair fight!

The cost of trying patent litigation can run from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars. As a result, many universities are not financially prepared to enforce their IP rights regardless of how blatant the infringement of their patents may be! Infringers know this, so they infringe the patents of universities, research laboratories, hospitals and other organizations with impunity!

You need a patent infringement champion
That’s why universities turn to General Patent Corporation (GPC) when they are faced with infringement of their patents. GPC’s legal staff will analyze your patent infringement claim, and if we determine that the university has a viable patent infringement assertion, we will manage and finance a comprehensive patent enforcement campaign on the institution’s behalf.

A likely result of the patent enforcement campaign we launch for the university may be a license or several licenses that generate either a lump sum payment or royalty income for the school. We may also be able to secure compensation for past infringement of your patent.

The special issue that universities face
Many universities are faced with the issue of pursing an infringer and, therefore, becoming the plaintiff in a patent infringement lawsuit. What effect will the university becoming the plaintiff in litigation have on the university’s image and standing in the community? Additionally, universities often have partners or licensees who may not want to become plaintiffs in litigation. While some universities charge ahead and sue infringers of their patents, not all schools are prepared to do so. With that sensitive issue in mind, General Patent created a unique patent enforcement model that enables a university to assert its patents – even file patent infringement litigation – but do so discreetly and without the school’s name appearing in any public filings. When you contact us about your specific infringement issue, we will discuss with the options that are available in this regard.

No cost to the university
When General Patent undertakes a patent enforcement campaign, the company underwrites all expenses involved in the patent infringement litigation. This includes filing fees, researchers, experts and expert witnesses, court reporters, document production, discovery proceedings, trial demonstratives and travel expenses. These litigation expenses are called “disbursements.” GPC is repaid when we reach a successful resolution of your patent infringement claim by sharing in a portion of all revenue generated by the campaign per an agreed-to formula.

Incredible patent infringement results for our clients!
What makes GPC the leader in patent enforcement is our track record of consistently producing results for our clients. Think about this: The university will have one – and only one – opportunity to secure compensation for the infringement of its patent or patent portfolio. Why not go with the leader in managing and financing successful patent infringement litigation?

Let us evaluate your patent infringement claim
It costs the university nothing to have us analyze its claim of patent infringement, and it puts the school under no obligation to us. Complete a Patent Infringement Inquiry or call us at 888-488-8178. We will evaluate your patent infringement assertion, and if we believe we can assist the university in the enforcement of its patent(s), we will send you a proposal to review and consider.